SocialPay 3.0 is Mongolia's first digital wallet application that gives you closer and faster access to banking and payment services.

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Fast, Easy, Fee-free transactions from wherever you want. Bank-to-bank, Q-Pay transactions are now available!



    SMART features of SocialPay 3.0 based on advanced technological solutions to simplify your daily life that includes:

  • Chimege system
  • NFC transaction
  • Loyalty menu
  • Apple Watch transactions
  • Choose Your Color
  • Virtual Credit Card
Use the CHIMEGE sound recognition system and say Transfer 500,000 MNT to Bat or Send a invoice for 500,000 MNT to 9911**** and complete the transfer and claim you invoice

Virtual Debit & Credit Cards

International Visa, Master, UnionPay, American Express Virtual Cards that you can activate in your SocialPay app FREE of charge. Use your Virtual Card to make online purchases easier and safer compared to physical cards. Virtual Card is stored in your SocialPay app, totally secured from the possibility of theft, damage, and loss.

Frequently asked questions

American Express” Виртуал кредит картын зээлийн хэмжээг өөрийн боломжид тааруулан хүссэн дүнгээрээ үүсгэж, хэрэглээндээ тохирсон.

01.What is SocialPay?
02.How to register?
03.How do I log in?
04.What is a Social pin?
05.What if I send money to the wrong phone number?
06.How can I increase the transaction limit?
07.How to change my Social Pin?
08.What is in the loyalty menu?

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